The Living Universe: James Carter’s Alternative Theory

The Living Universe is James Carter’s website dedicated to his many alternative theories about physics, but namely his theory about the origin of the universe. The name of his theory is about the creation of the universe is the name of the website and Carter offers it up as an alternative to the Big Bang Theory.

Main Content

In blog-like fashion, the website offers up a collection of Carter’s many papers, drawings, formulas and theories about the universe. On the home page are titles such as “Four New Laws for the Measurement of Force and Motion,” “Einstein’s Bogus Deflection of Starlight by the Sun’s Gravity,” “Evolution of Matter and Anti-Matter in the Living Universe,” and “New Components of Our Measured Reality.” Readers can peruse all of the papers and the information they contain free of charge. A list of Carter’s latest theories is also freely available.

Questions and Answers

For readers who want some quick answers about Carter’s theories, the website includes a complete Q & A section in which he answers questions in layman’s terms. Topics range from whether there is a place for God in Carter’s origin theory and what is a photon, to his explanations of the dimensions of time and space, and the mathematical considerations of his theories.


Carter is the author of a number of books, many of which are available through the website. His latest offering is The Living Universe: A New Theory for the Creation of Matter in the Universe.

Bio and Contact Information

A biography of Carter’s career in physics is included on the site, so readers have a chance to get to know the man behind the theories. It also includes links to follow him on social media as well as a contact form and e-mail address where Carter can be reached.

The Living Universe is a nearly complete collection of Carter’s theories, diagrams, calculations, papers, and books that offer up many alternative theories, including ones about gravity, matter, and of course, the origin of the universe.